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Fridge magnets from Everyone Loves Buttons® are a great new way to show off your logo or custom personalized designs on the refrigerator. Our personalized branded fridge magnets are made using the same high-quality materials and printing processes we use on our pin-back custom buttons. The main difference is that the fridge magnetic buttons are made with flat magnetic backs that will stick to any metal surface.Get more news about fridge magnet agencies,you can vist our website!

Our custom magnet back fridge buttons are manufactured from higher quality materials and are more durable than standard magnets and are a featured item in the US National Parks gift stores & many souvenir stores throughout the USA.

Branded Logo Fridge Magnets Are the Perfect Promotional Tools
Using branded fridge magnets, you will have the ability to stick your logo or message on any magnetic surface and make sure your customers never forget you. Order your branded fridge magnets today and stick them to refrigerators, filing cabinets, lockers, and many more magnetic locations!

Personalized Fridge Magnets Made from Premium USA Quality Materials
Our personalized fridge magnets are made from the highest quality materials available, and 100% made in the USA! Our personalized fridge magnet printing is rated as the best in the industry and offers vibrant colors, exciting contrast, and extremely high resolution, trust Everyone Loves Buttons Inc.® for all your personalized branded magnet needs.

*We Produce The Perfect Size Custom Refrigerator Magnets For Retail
The most common sizes currently for sale at souvenir & gift stores include: 3" round, 2x3" rectangle, 2x2" sq. & 3x3" square sizes. We are now offering two new fridge magnet size options that are sure to stand out from the crowd and will increase your sales. We are now offering a 2.5 x 3.5" square corner button magnet and our NEW 2.5 x 3.5" rounded corner (no sharp corners) button fridge magnet size options. These two new options are the perfect retail size for your customers who want to Express Themselves or want a Souvenir memory on their Fridge.
which gives the appearance of almost no finish, but softens your colors a bit, and your button face will be soft to the touch, this look will really turn heads and will increase your fridge magnet sales, guaranteed. Try removing the glossy look and opt for something closer to a "cool matte" with this new high end finish!

Some major customers currently using this great new & unique premium option and having major success with it is: Cabela's & Bass Pro Shops, US National Parks, Arizona State Parks, Utah State Parks and many others now seeing the benefits of using this process.

The Minimum order for our Soft-Touch Matte Finish option is 500 quantity for 3" round, 2x3" Rectangle & 2.5 x 3.5" Rectangle Fridge Button Magnet sizes. Please call one of our Button Magnet specialist to order or discuss your options and production time for this unique, new high-end look and feel. at: 623-445-9975 or Get A Hassle Free Quote on increasing sales using this new unique premium soft-touch matte finish process and standing out from the crowd.

A connector’s coupling style describes the way in which the plug and receptacle mate. Bayonet coupling is used in MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, and MIL-DTL-38999 Series II. Threaded coupling is employed in MIl-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-22992 Class L, and MIL-DTL-38999 Series III. MIL-DTL-83723 Series III offers bayonet and threaded coupling. Both styles are designed to remain securely coupled, even during severe vibration, yet be easily disconnected by hand without the need for tools. The shells are polarized with keys and suitable keyways to properly align shells and contacts with their counterparts prior to mating; this prevents mismatched contacts or shell binding during coupling. Once shells have been properly aligned, a clockwise motion of the knurled coupling ring brings the two connector faces together and securely engages both sets of contacts.Get more news about Bayonet Lock Coupling,you can vist our website!

Bayonet coupling is often referred to as a “quick-disconnect” because complete coupling or decoupling is achieved with a quick one-third turn of the coupling ring. Rather than threads, bayonet coupling uses bayonet pins and ramps to mate. The receptacle’s perimeter contains three equally spaced passivated stainless steel bayonet pins that slide through the ramps on the plug’s coupling ring and are spring-loaded into their locking detents. Tactile, audible, and visual cues confirm complete coupling. A clear “click” can be felt and heard when the connectors have fully mated, which is particularly helpful in blind-mate applications. Inspection holes on the coupling ring allow for visual confirmation that the bayonet pins are in their locked position. These connectors are recommended for high-vibration environments, blind-mate applications, or where quick coupling/uncoupling is required.

Single-start A-threads are the most traditional and field-proven coupling design, although thread type may vary between connector series. Basic threaded connectors fully couple after four turns of the coupling ring and are recommended for all general-duty applications requiring secure coupling at an economical cost. Lockwire holes are provided along the perimeter of the coupling ring for added safety. D38999 connectors provide an advanced threaded coupling design that features triple-start threads and a ratcheting coupling to ensure positive mating in high-vibration environments.

Our 2mm mini banana test leads are made from quality materials and a plenty of cord length for all your testing needs. They work with a variety of testers and probes and also are available in a selection of combinations including banana plug to minigator clip and banana plug to alligator clip and more.Get more news about banana test probes,you can vist our website!

If you are not sure which mini banana test lead plug is best for your needs, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.
Test lead set connects a compatible electrical test meter to a device for testing
The lead wires have silicone insulation to protect hands from shock and heat.
The silicone insulation resists melting in hot environments and becoming brittle in cold ones, and it maintains flexibility better than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation.
The lead wires have standard probe tips that are held against the conductor during testing.
Plug Inner Hole Dia: 3.5mm
Test Probe Length: 17mm/0.67inch
Total Length :79cm/31.1inch
Voltage/Current: 1000V/10A
Jaw open size maximum: 10mm/0.39inch
Color: Black,Red

Following the great success of the first edition, this thoroughly revised and updated volume continues to provide a highly practical and comprehensive review of the sugar confectionery manufacturing industry. The authors, who are internationally recognized experts in their fields, draw on many years experience in providing a digestible account. Divided into sections covering the production and properties of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and other technical aspects of the subject, many of the original chapters have been totally rewritten and reorganized to reflect today's market. Get more news about Confectionery Sprinker,you can vist our website!

Richard W. Hartel, is Professor of Food Engineering with the Department of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He conducts research on phase transitions in foods, primarily sugar confections, chocolate and ice cream. He teaches courses in Food Manufacturing, Food Preservation, Food Functionality, and Candy Science, as well as a freshman career orientation course. He has been involved with the UW Resident Course in Confectionery Technology (candy school) as an instructor since 1987 and as lead coordinator since 1998. Randall (Randy) Hofberger is the principle of R & D Candy Consultants LLC. Previously he had a long career at Nestle Confections USA in technical applications with an emphasis on caramels and chocolates. He has been an instructor at various confectionery courses including UW Resident Course in Confectionery Technology (candy school) and Retail Confectioners International (RCI). Joachim H. von Elbe, is Professor and Chairman Emeritus with the Department of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin. He served for 38 years teaching courses in food chemistry with emphasis on plant pigments, their use as food and pharmaceutical colorants, and color and texture changes in canned vegetables. In 1963 he introduced, with cooperation with the confectionery industry, a three week candy technology course designed specifically for people in the industry. Since that time the course has been taught annually, and is now known as the UW Resident Course in Confectionery Technology.

Sortery optyczne do materiałów sypkich do separacji przemiałów i żywności - wszędzie tam, gdzie najważniejsza jest jakość i czystość materiału. Skuteczność oczyszczania sięga 99,99%, dzięki najwyższej możliwej dokładności sortowania straty materiału ograniczone są do minimum. Zakres osiąganych wydajności to od 500 kg/h do 16 t/h w zależności od rodzaju materiału wejściowego i stopnia zanieczyszczenia. Zaawansowana technologia układów przetwarzania danych decydujących o szybkości i precyzji sortowania pozwala na jeszcze szybszą pracę sorterów. Kamery CCD najnowszej generacji pozwalają osiągnąć najwyższy możliwy poziom rozpoznawania elementów. Pneumatyczne wyrzutniki selenowe o podwyższonej trwałości charakteryzują się długoletnią bezawaryjną pracą bez efektu rozkalibrowywania.Get more news about Kolor Sorter Optyczny,you can vist our website!
Sortery zrzutniowe:
Materiał podawany jest na zrzutnie skąd grawitacyjnie przemieszcza się do sekcji rozpoznawania i separacji. Kamery CCD rozpoznają materiał według kolorów, odcieni, kształtu itp. kierując się zadanymi parametrami, następnie materiał niepożądany odrzucany jest pneumatycznie za pomocą systemu wyrzutników. Odrzucony materiał najczęściej zawracany jest do powtórnego sortowania na kolejnych zrzutniach w celu odzyskania materiału akceptowanego.
Sortery taśmowe:
Materiał podawany jest na taśmę napędzającą, skąd trafia bezpośrednio do sekcji rozpoznawania i separacji. Stosuje się je najczęściej do materiałów o dużej masie nasypowej - takich jak przemiały metali, szkła, piasku, grysu itp. Sortery taśmowe również mogą być wyposażone w kamery na podczerwień.
Sortery rentgenowskie:
Wykorzystują promieniowanie rentgenowskie w celu wyeliminowania materiałów niepożądanych w tym samym kolorze, różniących się tylko strukturą wewnętrzną. Pozwala to na separację różnego rodzaju tworzywa lub żywności (podobnie jak technologia bliskiej podczerwieni) a także na eliminację uszkodzonych wewnętrznie materiałów.

The expanding gate valve is a high performance gate valve with outstanding features. This type of valve possesses functions of double & bi-directional sealing and reinforced mechanical sealing. It is full bore and feasible for pipe pigging, and is widely used in pipelines of subterranean heat steam, petroleum, natural gas production, transmission, collection and storage. It is also suitable for corrosive fluids like coal gas, acid, alkali and etc. Full bore suitable for pipeline pigging, smooth path, small flow resistance and no pressure loss.Get more news about through conduit gate valve,you can vist our website!

Valve body is an integral casting piece which has adequate rigidity against external force in pipeline. It is full port, circle shape and through conduit, this makes small loss of pressure and pipe pigging feasible. No matter if the valve is fully open or fully closed, the fluid is insulated from valve cavity, this feature allows the operator to release the pressure through vent & drain fittings in an emergency situation. The unique top-entry design enables professional maintenance personnel to change the internal parts of the valve in-line. Due to bi-directional sealing design, the pressure entrapped in valve cavity cannot be released to down stream through downstream seat; the pressure may rise because of temperature change or other reasons. In this case, the pressure in valve cavity can be released by a safety device in valve body so that to assure the safe running of the pipeline and facilities.

The installation location of this kind of valve is diverse; it can be vertical, horizontal, backward or slanting. Stem packing Material can be replaced safely in-line. The fully-enclosed structure has perfect protection property and it is all-weather suitable.

Spring making machines are as many as those who manufacture them. In other words, these machine types are quite enormous, and this could lead to a potential buyer getting confused about which one to purchase when the time comes. However, if you have a basic knowledge of the different types of spring coiling machine, you can be sure of buying exactly the type of machine that will help you meet your business goals. So on that note, this article will be putting you through the several types of spring making machine that exist, coupled with some information you may need to have about them.Get more news about spring forming machine producer,you can vist our website!

Spring Former Machines are notable and known for their various designs. They happen to be among some of the most sophisticated forms of spring forming machine. Spring Former Machines have become top-notch in so many industries today since they can be used to manufacture virtually any type of springs. They are not only good for manufacturing any kind of spring, but can also be used to produce such springs with great ease. Spring Former Machines are not new to this industry. You can find yourself a host of companies that can produce them in the highest quality.

Spring Assembly Machines
Just as the name implies, this machine has been carefully put together by the said engineers to ensure it gives you high quality springs. Spring assembly machines come in a wide range. They are quite many, and choosing one that will fit your business precisely should not be any problem. Countless customers have attested to the superior nature of a spring making machine of this nature. Their ability to help users detect how fatigued and how well a spring is through touch screen features is another great benefit of these machines. If you seek a special spring assembly machine designs due to your own kind of business, it can be done for you. All you need to do is reach out to the manufacturers in charge and that will be taken care of.

Coiling and Bending Machines
Here is another type of spring coiling machine that seem to have made a reputation for itself. Coiling and bending machines are especially useful in providing reconditioned springs for those who might be in need of it. You can count on these machines for commercial production of springs. They are equally known to produce high quality springs. Products formed from coiling and bending machines are not easily fatigued and can stay for a very long time without succumbing to pressure.
Electronic Tension Spring Coilers
Tension spring coilers have been in huge demands for quite some time now because of their massive use in industries. However, the introduction of electronic tension spring coilers have brought about some great improvement and increase in quality of tension spring coilers. These devices have not only simplified the way and manner in which these spring coilers are being done, but have also meant sure they are done with better quality. Electronic tension spring coilers have evolved with time. They are not the way they were a decade back. For a good number of output and improved quality, you can stick with the newest trends of electronic tension spring coilers. There are a couple of good models around.

CNC Spring Forming Machines
The advent of 3D printing technology has been nothing but a complete marvel to humanity. How many 3D items are designed and fleshed out with CNC machining still remains a mystery to a lot of persons. But as we continue to swim in our oblivion, the engineers of these technologies keep pushing the boundary to see how it can become better. Watching a CNC spring forming machine operate as it spews spring is something that will leave you in complete awe. They have been designed to handle almost any type of spring design. It requires an input design that is CNC compliant, after which a prototype will be produced, and other replicas can be produced as well. The CNC spring forming machine is always a good choice if you want to do springs in large numbers. You do not need too many labor to get things going. Just set the button on and input the raw materials into the machine, and you can sit and watch the products form.

布とすべての安い性人形:TPEとプラスチック人形に反して、ぬいぐるみは本物であるようにしようとする代わりに多くの存在を持ってきます。これらの人形は、スタイルの広い範囲、特にアニメスタイルの女性を持っています。これらの人形は形で現実的であるので、あなたはそれらを分解することを心配する必要はありません。これらの人形は非常に固定の富を持っている誰かのために非常に適していますか誰も自分は少し不気味な谷のファッションを使用して困惑しています。また、女性のために適した男性のセックス人形を見つける。しかし、米国市場で人形を生産する企業は骨格を持っていません。彼らは、ちょうど異なるポーズから成ります。プラスチック対応品と比較して、これはそれらを軽く、簡単に保存する(または非表示になります)。To get more news about リアルラブドール, you can visit official website.






Recently, he switched his usual ride for getting around Rwanda's capital for one of the first electric motorbikes on the African continent."In the first days, things were not good because I was not used to riding e-motos and the bike sometimes cut-off.To get more news about ebike, you can visit official website.

"However I went on working, and soon I knew many things about how the bike works and how to ride it. Then I started saving more money," Didier explains.He is one of 60 drivers riding an electric motorbike from the Rwandan firm Ampersand.The start-up Ampersand is pioneering the switch and hopes that over the next five years almost all of Rwanda's motorbikes will be electric.

It is an ambitious dream - there are around 25,000 motorbike taxis operating in Kigali, some driving up to 10 hours a day, often covering hundreds of kilometres daily."Motorbikes make up more than half of all vehicles in this part of the world," says Ampersand chief executive Josh Whale.

"Their simple engines lack the sort of costly emissions reduction tech that you see in modern cars, or in motorbikes in the global north. Meanwhile they are being run for over 100km per day, so that's a lot of pollution, a lot of carbon [dioxide].In Rwanda, drivers spend more in a year on petrol than the cost of a new motorbike. We've shown that we can offer an alternative in the same style as their current motorbike [that] costs less to buy, less to power and less to maintain."

Ampersand says that savings on fuel and maintenance can double a driver's income.With an estimated five million motorbikes on the roads of East Africa, there could be big savings in CO2 emissions if Ampersand and its rivals take a significant share of the market.

Ampersand is more than just a technology platform. It assembles the motorbikes, the batteries and has set up charging stations.Each motorbike has around 150 parts, which are assembled in Kigali. Particularly importantly, the battery packs are specially designed and prototyped by Ampersand engineers in Rwanda. They are then manufactured abroad and shipped back to Rwanda for final assembly by local technicians.

Ampersand currently has 73 employees at its Rwandan motorcycle factory and is moving to a new facility this month as production grows.For the time being we also happen to be a motorbike company, with spare parts and maintenance too. However we'd be glad to work with the big existing petrol motorbike manufacturers on the vehicle side of things.

"We are still small and we want to move fast - as the climate crisis demands - and do some hard things quickly. So we're very happy to team up with big existing players where we can," Mr Whale says.The company has set up battery swap stations - where drivers exchange their depleted batteries for recharged ones - with five already in operation around Kigali.Each swap station costs around $5,000 (£3,700) - and the firm says it can build about 20 swap stations for the price of one conventional petrol station.

Rwanda's government has a large role to play in moving to e-transportation, balancing the pros and cons of e-mobility. There will be a loss of fuel tax revenue - but the benefits include a shift to locally produced power sources, lower fuel importation costs and job creation if assembly takes place locally.

As I’ve highlighted before, there’s a considerable push welling up in Europe and spilling over into certain parts of North America to ban motorcycles over environmental concerns. Whatever you think of these claims, Harley-Davidson has decided to get out in front of such moves with LiveWire. Not only did it launch the all-electric motorcycle earlier this year, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer has plans to spin off LiveWire and make it a publicly-traded company in 2022. This is a huge move with possibly far-reaching implications for the industry.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

Before getting into the weeds at all about the financials, market positioning, and other such things, I want to talk about the motorcycles. LiveWire will be deploying a new scalable and modular powertrain system it calls Arrow. The company claims this next-gen propulsion system will come with many advantages, such as the need for fewer microprocessors, optimized cooling setups, greater battery power density (which hopefully means far better range), and a motor housing integrated into the motorcycle chassis to improve rigidity.

The product lineup will expand beyond just the LiveWire One we have now. The One will be the flagship or premium model, with three other product levels revealed. The next one down is called S2 and will include middleweight applications. Below that is S3 (creative, I know) and means the Arrow powertrain system will be scaled down for lightweight models. Finally, S4 will include heavyweight motorcycles, so all-electric touring bikes the likes of which we haven’t seen yet.

We’ll see the next LiveWire model fairly soon, maybe in early 2023. Called the S2 Del Mar, it of course will be a middleweight bike, but it’s not entirely clear beyond that what it will be. Considering the name means “of the sea” in Spanish, that might influence the design.

According to an official press release, Harley-Davidson believes the public offering will result in proceeds of $545 million. That money in turn will be used to accelerate bringing the all-electric motorcycle brand to market, develop more products, plus boost manufacturing as well as distribution worldwide. Remember in the fall of 2020 when Harley pulled out of India and so many said that was the end of the brand? Well, the tables seemingly are turning. Maybe LiveWire will storm into the Indian market? At this point, there are many possibilities and even more questions.

To make all this happen, and in particular to develop the smaller electric motorcycles, LiveWire is partnering up with Kymco. If you’re not familiar with the company, it’s a Taiwanese motorcycle brand which also plays in the ATV and scooter segments. It doesn’t sound like LiveWire will be jumping into those two segments anytime soon, so don’t worry about that. But the future could bring some interesting developments.

With Harley-Davidson getting this serious about electric motorcycles, it could push other manufacturers in that direction. After all, some companies have hung their hat on claiming they’re far more technologically-advanced than Harley, so to be surpassed on electrification would be quite embarrassing.

So far, range has been one of the choking points for electric motorcycles. The LiveWire One is better than most with a claimed 146 miles on a full charge. Will the new Arrow powertrain fix this problem? Cost has been another huge hurdle, so will LiveWires be affordable in the future?

With ever-tightening emission restrictions around the world, a lot of manufacturers have turned to developing electric motors. After all, they produce zero emissions, leaving them little to worry about. Now more than ever, the shift of traditional brands to electric motorcycle offerings for the future seems inevitable.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.

Yamaha for example is currently developing an electric motor that could have a wide range of applications. That includes powering some of Yamaha's wide range of products from cars, to boats, generators, industrial vehicles, and even motorcycles.Takashi Hara, one of Yamaha’s engineers, shares that Yamaha is currently working two electric motors: one with an output of 35 kW (47.5 Ps) and one with an output of 150 kW (204 Ps) motor. “The 35 kW unit was developed for all small mobility applications, including motorcycles. The 150 kW unit is for electric car applications.”

Hara also shared that using Yamaha’s advanced casting technology, they were able to make the new electric motors as compact and light as possible. The engineers have also put emphasis on the sound the electric motor makes, giving it some character.To express their presence as powertrains, we communicate our values using cars. For example, we include elements of Kanno Seino (exhilarating performance) like fine-tuning the sound produced. This is how we express fun and emotion for our products for cars.”

Yamaha should know a thing or two about tuning automotive exhaust notes. Yamaha engines powered some of the most iconic cars like the Toyota 2000GT and the Lexus LFA. With Yamaha's tuning, it hopefully won't be an annoying electrical whine. Watch the video and it's already beginning to sound like a space ship.

We're hoping Yamaha is also considering putting in that 150 kW motor into a motorcycle. It would make for a very powerful sports bike. 204 Ps is par for the course for most sports bikes these dats.

Every MMORPG has one thing in common, a vast and magnificent world filled with adventure and loot. When it comes to questing, it's another common trope to have the main storyline that encompasses the local lore and a variety of unrelated side-quests to improve player immersion with the environment. Open-world and RPG games include "hidden" or "secret" quests as part of the immersion factor, making finding the quests themselves a part of the adventure.To get more news about buy nw gold, you can visit official website.

New World already has a reputation for being a bit weak in the main story department. Meanwhile, there are actually a lot of interesting and important New World side quests to be randomly found from NPCs that are out in the wilderness for one reason or another, and they're wandering the wilds of Aeternum just like the player. There are still locations to be discovered and no doubt a number of quests as well, but for those that are looking for some inspiration, here are some of the best side and hidden quests in New World.

Updated December 21, 2021 by Kristy Ambrose: New World has been available for a while now, and players have had time to explore the vast island nation and max out their levels. That means there are a few more obscure, weird, and interesting side quests that can be added to the list. Most of them involve epic weapons and powerful enemies, but there are others that involve crafting and exploration as opposed to fighting Aeternum's hostiles. Most of the new entries are intended for higher-level players and can only be found after reaching more advanced levels and exploring certain areas.
This New World quest encounter is already so notorious it's hardly a secret anymore, but it's so weird yet perfectly fitting with the aesthetic of the game that it needs to be included. There is a quest on the mainland that can lead the player to Rabbit Island, but that's not necessary to find the location and start the event.

There's nothing to stop any interested player from taking a walk along the archipelago, seeking out the island populated by numerous rabbits. Kill a certain special rabbit named Stanley and the Haremaster will appear to give the player a special task. Follow and obey, if ye dare.
Whether or not you can start this New World side quest depends on a character's Fishing skill level, so in theory, even a new character could do it. As long as it's 100, "To Be A Grand Master" is available from Grand Master Gasper Machera in Reekwater. He's located outside of the settlement, southeast of it on the road, so even if a player has the required fishing level, it's easy to miss this NPC and therefore the quest as well.

There's a chain you can do before this one that's offered by the same NPC, and it's handy to undertake it if your character needs to grind their fishing level or do some exploring. For the last one that precedes "To Be A Grand Master," the player needs to bring a total of 100 fish filets of varying kinds to Gasper.
Dr. Leonie Roggeveen is fairly close to the main road, just west of the main settlement. There are some interesting ruins in this region, and she's here for the history, not the fighting. That's why she needs your help finding Nora, and that's the basic plot of this New World side-quest.

One of the local landmarks in Weaver's Fen is the Vega Bridge, which stretches across almost half the zone, and the player needs to find some clues that Nora left behind. This handy quest gives the player an excuse to take a closer look at the northern section of it, plus the level 30 armor case, complete with a T3 item, is well worth it.
In a game where players can make their own classes, Treasure Hunter might be one of them. That's the title that's given to Claire Fergus, as she's standing by the side of a lonely road with part of a map. She doesn't have information about where the map came from exactly, but apparently, this treasure is the legacy of the notorious pirate Tireless Thompson, so who's going to say no?

There have been rumors of a mobile game set in the Warcraft universe since all the way back in 2017. With the massive popularity that Blizzard’s MMORPG, World of Warcraft on PC has seen for nearly the last two decades, hopes are high that the Warcraft mobile game will be a direct World of Warcraft port.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit official website.

WoW fans are clamoring for ways to take their game on the go so they can grind to reach Mythic+ 15 faster. But there’s no guarantee from Blizzard that a WoW mobile port is coming. So, if you want to make the most out of WoW right now, you can go for WoW Mythic+ Boost for PC without waiting for Blizzard’s mobile version to reach the end-game. But if we were to speculate, there are few interesting pieces of information.In 2017, a job posting on Blizzard’s website called for applicants to help develop a new Warcraft mobile game. Then in 2018, during a Kotaku interview with World of Warcraft’s lead designer, Cory Stockton, on the release of Diablo Immortal, further fuel was added to the fire.

In the interview, it came to light that Stockton, as well as many employees at Blizzard, are also huge fans of Pokémon and the hit mobile AR title Pokémon GO, but that the mobile AR Warcraft title would also have single-player elements. Though, given certain ongoing global “events”, this style of mobile-based Warcraft title probably isn’t very high in the development priority list. In 2019, one of Blizzard’s founders, Allen Adham, confirmed that the company’s plans for expansion into mobile gaming involve developing mobile games for all of their IPs, saying:More recently, during Activision-Blizzard’s 2020 Q4 financial earnings call, company CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed that multiple mobile games are in development set in the Warcraft universe. When speaking to investors, Kotick shared the company’s plans to develop not one but multiple free-to-play mobile Warcraft experiences as a way to deliver “more frequent” premium content.

It’s pretty clear that there is at least one Warcraft mobile game in development at Blizzard, if not multiple. But, apart from the potential Pokémon GO-inspired title, almost nothing is known about how any of the other rumored Warcraft mobile games will play. The latest bit of information doesn’t do much to solve the mystery either. Another job listing – now deleted – this time posted as a link via a tweet by Blizzard 3D artist Clayton Chod, mainly confirmed that the mobile game has been in development since 2016 and that it will involve 3D environments.
While we’re all hoping for a mobile spiritual successor to WoW – or even better: a direct port, technically, we’ve already got a mobile Warcraft game in Hearthstone. But, we know we’re in for more since Kotick’s comments earlier this year were apparently about other, as-yet-unannounced games that remain in development.

Blizzard hasn’t made mention of, much less announced, any of its Warcraft mobile games in development on any of its official channels, but the company has made it abundantly clear that they have been making efforts to capture a share of the mobile gaming market for years now. The company highlights that it isn’t just their Diablo franchise but all of their IPs, including Overwatch and Warcraft, that will be getting mobile releases. Hopefully, whatever they come up with for Warcraft on mobile becomes as much of a runaway success as Diablo Immortal has been.

Despite many doomed trial characters spread across the mid-2000s, I never managed to catch up to World Of Warcraft (WoW). In the Day[9] Daily era I made an earnest effort to ‘get good’ at StarCraft 2, but quickly realised I was out of my depth online as esports boomed.To get more news about wow gold pay pal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Annoyed that I couldn’t find my way into this community, I went out of my way to buy Diablo III on launch day in 2012, after hearing people rave about the series for years prior. And like most early adopters, I was thoroughly disappointed.I say all this to illustrate that I have no skin in the game when it comes to Blizzcon, the California studio’s annual event where they drip-feed details about their current and future projects to an audience that has been nurtured over decades.

The 2020 edition of the show was cancelled due to COVID, but a virtual version called BlizzConline came and went this past Friday. If you missed the big reveals, I couldn’t blame you. A good chunk of it was focused on the past – and it didn’t seem too interested in looking very far into the future.One of the major announcements was that players will be able to experience WoW’s The Burning Crusade expansion precisely as it was back in 2007, through the magic of WoW Classic’s old school servers.

If you’re unfamiliar, WoW Classic is a separate, quality-of-lifeless version of WoW that recreates the feel of the game as it was back in the good old days, without the iteration. It’s a fascinating, incredibly popular simulacra that speaks to Blizzard’s prevailing business model of keeping its most devoted fans happy.

Knowing this, it really wouldn’t shock me if Blizzard kept going with this absurd trial, reviving every WoW expansion in the Classic style to appease its players. By the time the studio gets around to the latest 2020 expansion Shadowlands, I bet players will be begging to play a pristine version of that too, when the OG 2004 veterans are all geriatric.Elsewhere, we finally received confirmation of the inevitable: Blizzard is remastering Diablo II. It’s called Diablo II: Resurrected and it’s coming in 2021. There’s my proper inroad to the community, I think. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this game that was before my time – particularly in relation to its successor. As you can imagine, I’m all for wiping the slate clean, and who doesn’t love a game where you can click a button to flip between the old graphics and the new?

However, I think the problem Blizzard is running into here is that it can’t sniff its own farts forever. I’m sure Diablo II: Resurrected and The Burning Crusade Classic will be received well by the older fans who demanded them, but at some point, the nostalgia tap will run dry.

With a new generation of gamers on the way who may not have the same zealous devotion for Warcraft, the studio needs to build a bright future with some fresh new ideas. So what have they got in store?

Diablo IV looks like a gigantic bloody open-world apology, which will hopefully go down a treat when it reaches its release date, and restore some faith in the franchise. As for new ideas though, I’m not all that convinced. Beyond the inclusion of PVP, the gameplay looks like it’s still clearly clinging to nostalgia, in a genre with some fresh competition like Grinding Gear Games’ Path Of Exile. I’m hoping Blizzard will do more than just make another Diablo game here – they’re in a position to take the ARPG genre forward in a meaningful way as one of its legacy leaders.

Easily the most hip and modern game in the studio’s roster is Overwatch, which (surprise, surprise) is getting a numbered sequel in Overwatch 2. We’ve no idea when it’s coming, but Blizzard did provide a glimpse into what they’ve been working on, and out of everything, this does sound most promising.

The date for the main expansion of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is delayed, but the wow 9.0.1 pre-patch has been introduced today on October 13, 2020. This pre-patch makes a lot of changes in the game system. Players will not be able to enter the new zones as of now but they will be able to experience new features like new abilities, new leveling mechanisms, an invasion by the Scourge (zombies) along with some character changes. Here is everything you need to know about the wow shadowlands pre-patch. To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Players will be able to remake their character. This includes a large number of additional customization options for the character that are unlocked in this pre patch - new eye, skin and hair colors, tattoos, faces, jewelry.
Now the players can start an allied race toon as the reputation requirements to start an allied race character are not removed in this pre patch. Players can now pick one of the ten allies they want to choose and start leveling them up. However, they will have to complete all the quests related to that character race.
The new level cap will now be level 60 in Shadowlands and is capped to 50 in the pre-patch, which means that for a short period of time the max-level for the characters in WoW will actually be lower-level than the classic WoW. Blizzard has also mentioned that the 1-50 leveling experience will be about 30 percent faster than the 1-120 experience previously.
There will be a new mentoring game system in which the experienced players will be allowed to guide the new players via a special chat channel. All the new players will be added to this channel automatically for asking questions. The players with a decent level of experience can volunteer to be the mentors in this channel by going through the guide recruiter system in Orgrimmar for Horde, or in Stormwind for Alliance.

ピグマリオの物語はこのようになります:彫刻家は美しい大理石の少女像を刻んだ。少女の美しさは彫刻家に感動し、彼は彼女と恋に落ちた。彼は少女を妻のように扱い、死の女と結婚しないことを決心します。毎日、ピグマリアンは、彫刻が彼の妻になることができたことを神に祈りました、そして、彼はエロスによって動かされました。そして、日本の性人形生活を与えて、彼らを夫と妻にしました。To get more news about 高級ラブドール, you can visit official website.


No herbivore’s collection is complete without a water pipe. Apart from traditional joints (you can check here the best rolling papers on the market), the bong is one of most popular ways to consume cannabis . Flavorful, impactful, and gentler on the lungs, it’s easy to fall in love with.To get more news about rick and morty bong, you can visit official website.

Not all glass is created equally, however. If you’re searching for a quality piece to add to your collection, you’ve stumbled upon the right page. From luxury stacked percolator pieces to the best cheap bongs for sale, this buyer’s guide will help you find exactly what you’re seeking.For some, smoking is a relaxing activity that should be performed slowly – meet the Chill Bong.

That’s why the makers of this double-wall vacuum insulated bong created it with a ceramic interior to get the same smooth hit and flavor as you would get from a glass piece but still maintain an ice-cold smoke that hits like a champ.

While they are made of steel, they come in various cool colors and designs, ensuring you can find one that fits your personality. You can even mix and match to get a truly unique piece that represents your character.All Chill Bongs are designed with interchangeable neckpieces to customize every detail.

Each piece is built to withstand the test of time and maintain the high-quality feel and look that users expect from a quality bong.This beautiful modern bong truly redefines the smoking experience by combining a stylish, practical, and eye-catching design with the highest quality materials.

When you’re not using it, place it anywhere you want; not only will it blend in smoothly, but it will stand out in your decor for its classy look. Made out of borosilicate glass and a silicone footer, this device will not succumb to wear and tear and will last through year-over-year use.The downstem diffuser ensures that your smoke is appropriately filtered, experiencing all of its taste while minimizing harm to your lungs.

Plus, its 10 mm bowl has more than enough space to be filled with bud to deliver an effective rip every single time.Flux is the world’s first portable plasma water pipe. A bong like you’ve never experienced before. A piece that will serve as a conversation starter at any event.

The Flux is a perfect mix of functionality and style. The plasma working together with the tips of your fingers as you take a big hit makes the whole experience something incredibly unique. Almost as if you’ve never used a bong before.

The Flux comes with a curved and straight mouthpiece. It’s up to you to choose whichever piece suits your preference best. This device is easily rechargeable and comes equipped with a micro USB so you can have it ready to take on the road any time. Better yet, its mix of plastic, glass, and silicone makes it a great travel piece.The Flux is not your common, run-of-the-mill bong. With a few twists and turns, you can easily snap on the Hookah accessory. Which you can purchase separately as part of an add-on package and transform a not-so-conventional water pipe into a not-so-conventional hookah.

Inside the Flux box, you’ll find the plasma base, a micro USB charging cord, the two mouthpieces, and a 14 mm glass bowl, Get your’s today for only $260.
Who doesn’t want to smoke in style by using a glass bong? But the cost of purchasing a bong can be a major put-off. For many years, the option for smokers was to spend a huge sum on a solid bong or settle for something cheap with shoddy workmanship. Thankfully, there are many affordable, high-quality bongs on the market today. There are many cheap glass bongs for sale on sites like HaSmoke that are priced less than $50. In this review, we will look at some of the best glass bongs on the market which cost less than $50.To get more news about mushroom bong, you can visit official website.
This simple and gorgeous glass bong is 12 inches tall, and its joints are 18.8mm to 14.4mm thick. It is made of clear obsidian glass. This is a beaker bong with a removable downstem. It comes with a tall neck and a three-pinch ice catcher. For proper filtration of your smoke, the bong features double honeycombs and a domed showerhead percolator. You will not have any problems cleaning this bong. Although this bong costs under $50, it is a top-shelf product. It feels compact in hand and performs very well. You can get this bong on the HaSmoke online shop for only $35.
This mini bubbler is a cute bong that measures just 6 inches tall. You can use it to smoke dry herbs or oils and concentrates. It is designed with a 90-degree 14mm female joint, and a 14mm male quartz nail. The bong has a flared mouthpiece which makes it very convenient to use. This pipe comes with a two-hole diffused stem percolator which will filter your smoke thoroughly. You can get this bubbler dab rig on HaSmoke for as low as $22.

This exquisite glass bong is perfect for female smokers. At 12 inches, it is neither too big nor too small. It is made of thick transparent glass and has 18mm thick joints. It also has a flat base so you can stand it easily. If you love smoking with ice, then you are in luck because this bong comes with an ice catcher. It also features a percolator and a tornado function. If you love to get a lot of bubbles when you take a hit off a bong, try this one. Although it is labeled as ‘girly,’ this bong is also suitable for males who want a simple and stylish bong. You can get this glass bong on HaSmoke for just $39.99.
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The Mini Wrap & Rake Bong is one of the best choices for anyone who wants a stylish and practical Bong at a low price. The eye-catching green and red design makes it an excellent piece for any user who wants some color in their Bong while the wide base and potent hits it provides make it a joy to smoke with.

This Bong is only 4 inches in height, making it ideal for stashing away while you’re not using it. What’s more, it’s perfectly capable of getting you high in just a few hits despite its size. With all of these perks and its high-quality construction, this Bong is a steal at just $29.99.If you need a device that combines the cool, smooth hits of your average Bong with the compact size of a Glass Pipe, then look no further than the Golden Hammer Bubbler. A Bubbler is a hybrid of a Bong and a Pipe that comes with a water chamber, allowing you to get smooth, purified hits wherever and whenever.

This handy little device is perfect for smoking sessions with friends, camping trips, or even just smoking at home when you’re looking for quick and convenient hits. It’s also beautifully crafted with 2k gold fuming, making it look like a valuable piece of treasure for any stoner. At just $29.99, it’s another one of the best bargain devices you can find.The 5" Wrap & Rake Bong is a powerful device that can handle all of your smoking needs. The wide base makes it great for propping up on a table, yet it’s also small enough to hold in your hand. The wide mouthpiece ensures that you’ll get top-notch hits and the 14mm bowl packs plenty of weed, not to mention it's designed with stunning wrap and rake artwork.

One of the coolest things about this Bong is that it’s available in multiple colors to suit your style. The blue, red, and green designs are simple yet eye-catching, but you’ll likely be even more impressed by the Rasta design that boasts green, yellow, and red coloring throughout the base, bowl, and mouthpiece. It ranges from $36.99 to $44.99 depending on the color you choose and all four are exquisite choices.
LiveWire, the first electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson, will now become its own standalone brand. The Milwaukee-based company announced that it would be spinning out its electric motorcycle division as its own company with a distinct lineup and a tailored retail experience. Harley-Davidson plans to unveil the “first LiveWire branded motorcycle” on July 8th to coincide with the International Motorcycle Show.To get more news about ev, you can visit official website.

It’s a similar move to how Harley-Davidson approached its new electric bicycle company, Serial 1. The idea is that LiveWire continues to benefit from its relationship with its parent company while also forging its own brand identity that is distinct from Harley-Davidson.

It’s a shift from how the company approached its current LiveWire model, in which the Harley-Davidson logo is front and center, while the LiveWire brand is practically nonexistent. And it’s a sign that going forward, Harley-Davidson is interested in letting its electrified models stand on their own terms.

“With the mission to be the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world, LiveWire will pioneer the future of motorcycling, for the pursuit of urban adventure and beyond,” Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president, and CEO of Harley-Davidson, said in a statement. “LiveWire also plans to innovate and develop technology that will be applicable to Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles in the future.”

There’s a new logo and a new “virtual” headquarters, with engineering teams stationed in Silicon Valley and Milwaukee. LiveWire will work with Harley-Davidson dealerships as an independent brand, with a blend of digital and physical retail formats.

Asked whether this will include online ordering, a Harley-Davidson spokesperson responded with a cautiously worded statement. “It depends on the state in which you live,” the spokesperson said. “LiveWire is creating a purchase path that allows us to meet the expectations for a digital-first purchase experience, supported by a network of committed dealers that allow customers to choose their path and engagement model.”

The question is whether this branding strategy will lead to better sales for Harley-Davidson’s electric models. Last year, Reuters reported that the company’s plan to appeal to a younger generation of motorcyclists with the LiveWire was struggling, with most of the preorders coming from older or preexisting customers. Harley-Davidson’s overall sales have been stagnant lately after hitting a low point in 2018.

The problem could be that the price, which starts at $29,799, isn’t that much cheaper than a Tesla Model 3. Dealers told Reuters that many younger customers were turned off by the price tag.

Harley-Davidson is also facing some stiff competition from rivals like Zero Motorcycles, which recently teamed up with power sports manufacturer Polaris on a new lineup of electric-powered ATVs and snowmobiles. And as the broader world of transportation shifts to electric, the company will be under increasing pressure from its shareholders to prove its vision for the future can be profitable.
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