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Rubber-sheathed cables usually use Category 5 copper conductors as conductive cores. During their production and transportation, the copper conductors are often oxidized and discolored, which seriously affects the quality of the products. So how to effectively prevent the oxidation of rubber sheathed cable conductors? Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd

  1. Choose high-quality copper rods

In cable production, copper conductors are often purchased from outside. At this time, high-quality raw materials should be selected and the supplier's transportation, delivery, storage and other links should be standardized. For transportation and storage of copper rods, plastic cloth or plastic film can be used to cover the copper rods, and the simplest physical barrier method is used to prevent the copper rods from contacting moist air. At the time of delivery, check the copper rod with naked eyes for signs of blackening, and control the oxidation of the copper conductor from the source.

  1. Control of copper rod drawing process

1>. Choose a suitable mold to avoid the variation of the copper rod crystal lattice and accelerate the temperature rise and oxidation of the metal copper.
2>. Check the temperature and humidity of the emulsion before starting the machine to ensure that the emulsion is an alkaline solution.
3>. The take-up and take-up line should keep the copper rod tension uniform and stable, and the surface of the metal copper itself should be dried.
4>. After drawing the bottom plate, seal it with a transparent plastic film and store it in a dry environment.

3.Copper wire stranding and insulation, sheath rubber extrusion process

1>. In the process of twisting, the infusion hose can be used to drip the antioxidant into the copper wire. The dripping standard is based on the surface of the copper wire just soaking, so that a passivation film can be formed on the surface of the copper conductor to avoid oxidation.
2> During the extrusion process, water should be avoided in the end of the thread to prevent the end of the thread from oxidation and blackening.

The current carrying capacity of the wire and cable refers to the amount of current carried by the line conductor. During the use of the wire and cable, the maximum current required by the load must be less than the long-term allowable current carrying capacity of the wire in the air. So, what are the specific factors that affect the current carrying capacity of wires and cables? Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd

  1. Core area
    Under normal circumstances, the core area (cross-sectional area of ​​the wire) is proportional to the current-carrying capacity, that is, the larger the core area, the greater the current-carrying capacity.
  2. Conductor material
    The current carrying capacity of different materials under the same conditions: silver>copper>aluminum. If copper wire is used to replace aluminum wire, the current carrying capacity can be increased by 20%-30% under the same specifications.
  3. Insulation material
    The temperature resistance of commonly used insulating materials is polyvinyl chloride: 70°C, cross-linked polyethylene: 90°C, and polyolefin material: 150°C. The use of insulating materials with good high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity can increase the current carrying capacity of the cable.
  4. Contact resistance
    The smaller the resistance coefficient of the cable, the larger the allowable current-carrying capacity. Therefore, soldering, soldering, and crimping can be considered when bonding wire ends to reduce contact resistance.
  5. Cable spacing
    When multiple wires are laid in parallel, the proximity effect and skin effect will be formed, so that the electric charge is concentrated in the part of the wire cross section and the allowable current carrying capacity of the wire is reduced. In addition, applying multiple strips will cause heat accumulation, which will also reduce the current-carrying capacity.
  6. Ambient temperature
    The greater the thermal resistance around the cable, the worse the heat dissipation and the smaller the current carrying capacity.
Started in 2009, Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd
is specialized in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of rubber-sheathed cables as core products. Its products have been used widely in air conditioning, home appliances, wind power generation, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, building machinery, port machinery, petrochemical industry, marine engineering, vehicles and vessels, robot and power-driven tools. Rifeng currently has facilities of more than 200,000 sq. meters . It has more than 30 patents granted by the state and been successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 002953 on May 9th, 2019.

Certification Standards:
British BSI Certification
Basic Parameters:
Rated Voltag:
Executive Standard:
BS 6195
Conductor Structure:

Insulation Material:
Jacket Material:
Rubber insulated flexible cable and wire for coil end conductor with rated voltage of 0.6/1kv and below.

Started in 2009, Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd
. is specialized in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of rubber-sheathed cables as core products. Its products have been used widely in air conditioning, home appliances, wind power generation, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, building machinery, port machinery, petrochemical industry, marine engineering, vehicles and vessels, robot and power-driven tools. Rifeng currently has facilities of more than 200,000 sq. meters . It has more than 30 patents granted by the state and been successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 002953 on May 9th, 2019.

Product Certification:
VDE Certification
Basic Parameters:
Rated Voltag:
Rated The Working Temperature:
Executive Standard:
HD 21.14S1

Product Properties:
1. The V0 Grade high insulation material is adopted to prevent flame and ensure safety;
2. The brand new highly insulating material is adopted to prevent electric leakage and ensure safety;
3. The brand new anti-aging material is adopted to prolong the service life and improve safety;
The cables are used as electrical connected line or wiring in power installation, household appliances, electrically operated tools, onstruction lighting and machines inner rated voltage A.C 300/300V or below.

The US dollar fell further against the basket of major currencies on Wednesday, pressured by weaker than expected US PMI data.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  Although the US factory activity index rose to record high in June, Services PMI dropped significantly (June 64.8 vs May 70.4 and 70.0 f/c) and Composite PMI which tracks the activity of both sectors and indicates the health of the economy, fell from Mays peak at 68.7 to 63.9 in June.
  The dollar index holds firmly in red for the third straight day and retraced over Fibo 38.2% of post-Fed strong bullish acceleration, as today‘s fresh bearish extension penetrated thick falling daily cloud (spanned between 91.55 and 90.51) and cracked 200DMA (91.49) questioning Fed-induced dollar’s short squeeze.
  In addition, upbeat EU PMI data for June inflated the single currency, and increased bearish pressure on greenback.
  Fading bullish momentum on daily chart warns of further weakness, but fresh bears need a daily close below 200DMA to confirm negative signal.
  Caution on strong headwinds bears may face from strong supports provided by daily cloud and 200DMA that would contain the pullback and sideline immediate downside risk.
Numerous traders endlessly fight for opportunities that they are afraid of missing in the forex market, vacillating over financial products and continuously shifting to different time periods. Unfortunately, their accounts can only see the plummet as time goes on instead of the progress in line with their hardworking.To get more news about Inflation, you can visit official website.
  This refers to trading frequently, or so-called diligence, a typical bad habit of investors, which isnt the foundation for being rich. The more times you enter the market, the more risks you have to face!
  The winning rate that seems to be 50% at the beginning can be reduced dramatically by the irrational, capricious decision of conducting transactions.
  In addition to hefty commissions triggered by trading frequently, traders lacking rational thinking may only focus on gaining profits and fully forget to contemplate consequences caused by failure.
  Therefore, how can we prevent ourselves from trading frequently? The answer is setting strict restrictions on the number of your transactions. Some may wonder whether the inaction on the signals of market entry breaches the rule of trading based on the unity of knowing and doing.
  Of course not. The forex market is changeable, leading to a situation where the winning rate of signals can vary according to different time points, fundamentals, and other factors. Rigorously restraining the number of transactions can phase out unclear signals and improve the quality of trading.
  As trading opportunities are infinite, please dont pay too much attention to how many you can seize at the moment. The higher the threshold for trading is, the fewer the number of transactions will be. In this way, your forex trading can be smoother!
  Download WikiFX to get lessons from experts who have traded forex for over 20 years. (
Nationwide lockdowns, shortages of medical supplies and other important products, and interruptions in normal supply chain operations have many traders, both new and experienced, scrambling to adjust their trading strategies during the pandemic.To get more news about Gold Price, you can visit official website.
  Making solid forecasts for opening positions, targeting which markets to focus on, and determining what news to believe and act on has all become extremely problematic during the crisis. Making matters worse is the threat of a “second wave” once many countries end their quarantines and try to return to normal.
  Nobody wants to downplay the seriousness of the Covid 19 crises and the subsequent consequences. However, as traders we need to find a way to turn a bad situation into a profitable one in order to maintain our livelihoods and reach our financial goals.
  To that end, here are some strategies we have put together on ways to trade profitably by identifying which markets are being affected in regards to developments in the pandemic.
Filter Your News
  News about the Coronavirus, Covid 19, and other related terms is not equal. We have all heard the term “fake news” enough in recent years to understand that not all information that we get is accurate. However, and more importantly, it is best to also understand that some news matters much more than others when it comes to trading during the pandemic.
  While we might be interested locally in live advisories of the coronavirus in India, Russia, or whatever locale we live in, the stark reality is that markets dont really care about most of these geos. The two most important areas to watch in regards to news are the United States and China with the EU, Japan, and South Korea a ways behind them.
  Here are some sources that will definitely have an impact on markets when releasing information about the spread of the Covid 19 virus, mortality rates, concerns, and even optimism:
  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) — Despite the spectacular failures of this organization before and during the pandemic, when they make announcements, markets listen.
  2. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S. — Also riddled with controversy with their response, but U.S. economic policy regarding the pandemic is directly tied to the numbers and info produced by this organization.
  3. Any OFFICIAL Chinese government announcement of negative virus news in the country. If the news is bad enough that the Chinese government will actually admit it, then it is worth noting.
  Don‘t buy into Western media’s allegations about how many infected people there are in China. While it may be true, it doesnt matter to markets.
  4. Official agreements announced by OPEC+ regarding limits on production amongst its members. More on this in the next section.
Economic “engines” form the support of general economic well-being. Experienced traders know this, which is why they monitor their Economic Calendars year round regardless of the Covid 19 issue. However, it is even more important to keep an eye on this small list of indicators to give you an edge in trading during the pandemic and as the world transitions back towards normality.
  1. Oil storage levels. Oil is the key ingredient in the world economy. Every week, the U.S. announces their current crude oil inventories. This is important news because the U.S. is the largest consumer of oil in the world and China is second.
  If inventories are increasing or staying the same, it means the U.S. industrial and consumer machine isnt improving and that means less sales in EVERYTHING and not just oil.
  2. Chinese manufacturing data. If the U.S. is buying it, a large chunk of it is being made in China. China needs resources to produce, but won‘t produce if the U.S. isn’t buying.
  Its a symbiotic relationship but often one or the other increases first. It is very possible that China will restart its economic engine before the U.S.
  3. U.S. employment data. The single largest hit to the world economy is the lack of employment for millions of American consumers. When they buy less, the world makes less.
It‘s important to take the emotion out of your investing decisions. And that’s a great starting point for a conversation about investing in precious metals.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  Theres a lot of emotion about equities in 2021. Is inflation really a problem? If so, will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates sooner than expected? What bubbles have deflated? What bubbles are only now forming?
  Trying to divine the answers to these and other questions is the cause of many poor investment decisions. While you may believe you‘re being reactive, you’re in fact reacting to what you think (or fear) is going to happen.
  And thats why precious metals warrant a place in your portfolio. The idea behind precious metals is that they generally have a low correlation with the stock market. And, in times of market volatility, precious metals like gold and silver tend to hold their value very well.
  However, as rational as those reasons sound, investing in precious metals is a source of debate among many investors. Some investors have a large amount of their portfolio in precious metals. Other investors believe precious metals have no place in any portfolio.
  Were not advocating for one extreme of the other. We are saying that precious metals merit at least a small position in most portfolios. The purpose of this article is to give you a few practical strategies to get you started in precious metals.
What Are Precious Metals?
  As a primer, precious metals are rare metals that have a high economic value. This high value is based on factors like scarcity, high demand in industrial processes, and their function as a store of value. For investing purposes, the four most common precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
How To Invest In Precious Metals
  Buy the Physical Metal - For the uninitiated, yes this is exactly what it means. Buying gold or silver coins, bars, etc. This gives you a physical asset you own outside of the traditional financial system. And it takes away the counterparty risk of investing. This simply means that other investments are subject to the risk of another party failing to meet their obligations.
  Buying the physical metal requires a good understanding of what the current spot price for the metal is at the time of purchase. Paying too high of a premium for the physical metal can make it difficult to get your initial investment back.
  Invest in a Precious Metals Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) - Buying physical metal has limitations. One of which is that investors need a way to store the metals. This makes exchange-traded funds (ETFs) an attractive option. The primary advantage to investing in precious metals via an ETF is liquidity. Simply put, you can buy and sell shares through your brokerage account. Its convenient and generally less expensive.
  However, a disadvantage to investing in precious metals through an ETF is that you dont own the physical metal and you have no claim to the physical metal owned by the fund.
  Buy Shares of Mining Stocks – A third option is to buy shares of companies that are involved in the mining of precious metals. This is a “picks and shovels” way to invest in precious metals. However, like investing in an ETF, you are not taking ownership in the physical metal.
Options trading has become extremely popular with retail investors. And precious metals are no exception. However, as with all options trading, the reward of an outsize gain must be weighed against the possibility that you could lose your entire investment, which goes against the entire premise of investing in precious metals.
Limitations Of Investing In Precious Metals
  There are two primary limitations that investors need to consider when investing in precious metals. The first is that precious metals are commodities. And that means you‘re buying them at one moment in time with the expectation that you can sell them for a higher price in the future. And while they do tend to hold their long-term value against inflation, they don’t produce any cash flow (like many growth stocks) or interest (like bonds).
  The other limitation is transaction costs. When you buy precious metals, the company buying the metal at wholesale prices will make a profit by selling it at retail prices. Investors may also incur shipping costs. Plus, there will be costs associated with storing metals.

你準備好把臥室的暖氣開大了嗎?不需要看電影、玩玩具或說髒話。從肥皂到補充劑,從植物到種子,Lifescript自己的藥劑師suzycohen為你和你的男人分享了10種天然壯陽藥。To get more news about 日本藤素官網, you can visit official website.















Metal stamping parts processing is the requirement of bending parts:To get more news about Metal stamping parts, you can visit official website.

1. The shape of the bending part shall be as symmetrical as possible, and the bending radius shall not be less than the minimum bending radius allowed by the material.

2. The curved edge is too short to form easily, so the straight part of the curved edge should be made. 2 the delta. If H is required to be very short, an appropriate margin should be set aside to increase H, and the added metal should be cut after bending.

3. To avoid deformation of the hole when bending the hole part.
The second is the requirement of drawing parts.

38/5000 4. The appearance of hardware stamping parts should be simple and symmetrical, and the depth should not be too large. In order to minimize the number of deep drawing, easy to shape.

5. The radius of the rounded corner of the hardware stamping parts is not increased without adding the technological process. Otherwise, it will increase The Times of drawing and shaping, increase the number of molds, and easily generate waste and increase the cost.

The die that hardware presses a piece to use is to use the pressure discharge board, still use fixed discharge board, depend on the size of discharge force, among them material material is thick it is main consideration factor. With the increase of the elastic force of the elastic element used in the mold (such as rectangular spring), the unloading force of the elastic pressure discharge plate is greatly increased. Metal stamping parts is the forming and processing method of the workpiece (stamping part) with required shape and size by means of the external force exerted on the plate, strip, pipe and profile by the press and mold to produce plastic deformation or separation.

The jewelry industry has no shortage of talented women who are making their way designing and creating, strategizing and managing, often alongside caring responsibilities at home. Some are also working to drive change and inspire others in areas like sustainability, equality, and philanthropy. A celebration of some of the women designer activists in the jewelry industry today.To get more news about Website for Jewelery design and Jewelry custom, you can visit official website.

"I don't think of striving to be more ethical and sustainable as anything special - it is simply my responsibility as a human being living on our planet," says Emily P. Wheeler, a young, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer who endeavors to operate an ethical business. With notoriously opaque and circuitous supply chains, sustainability is not always easy to ensure in the jewelry industry, "but throughout the process of striving for that, you get to know the people you work with, the miners, the cutters - it makes the whole process of creating more enjoyable."

While sustainability is now largely expected by the end consumer, rather than being a nice-to-have, sometimes it can be hard to cut through the greenwashing to find what a brand is actually doing. Wheeler is a Responsible Jewelry Council member, committed to a sustainable business who works to make sure her suppliers are as clean as possible. Her signature Chubby rings feature ethical stones and fair-mined metals, alongside more unusual materials like petrified palm wood and sustainable ebony, all sourced from suppliers who have signed a stringent code of conduct covering everything from child labor to the environment, via bribery and money laundering.

Integrated sustainability also came naturally to Isabel Encinias, one half of the founding design team behind Paris luxury jewelry house Tejen, whose pared-back elegance and clean lines bely a rigorous approach to ethics, craftsmanship, sustainability and transparency. After working for top names like Boucheron and Harry Winston, Encinias pivoted to focus on sustainability in jewelry, with a spell in Bali as Design Director for John Hardy, the famously ethical jewelry brand ,and helped launch ecological jewelry house JEM. When it came to starting Tejen, with co-founder Mark Kroeker, she wanted to ensure their conscious jewelry brand had sustainability at its core, which she believes is its "power and duty" as a luxury label.

Over in London, jeweler and academic Melanie Eddy has grown a cult following for her distinctively architectural bespoke jewelry. The Central Saint Martins lecturer is also a diversity activist and founding member of the Jewellery Futures Fund, alongside fellow designer Emefa Cole and editors Rachel Garraghan and Annabel Davidson, to offer support to young black jewelers entering the profession. The upcoming Fund was one of the initiatives born of last year’s social justice movement, as a way of encouraging young black talents into an industry in which they may not, until recently, have seen themselves reflected. "During the time of reflection last summer, women within the industry with large platforms reached out to highlight the work of black jewelers. One of the blessings to come out of this time has been increased industry connections across diverse backgrounds," she says.

Around the same time, jeweler and activist Kassandra Lauren Gordon was also setting up her own Fund, as a grassroots action via Go Fund Me. She had written an open letter to the industry eloquently detailing her frustration at the "unique set of challenges" faced by black jewelers in Britain and went on to raise over $35,000 and commission the Black Jewellers Survey (a detailed report to come), backed by the Goldsmiths' Company. The Fund was eventually able to support 21 jewelers and Gordon is hoping to work with the Black Jewellers Network to build on this momentum and inspire further change, all while running her ethical jewelry business.

Similar action was started in the US by Angely Martinez, known for her nature-inspired jewelry, who last year set up the Jewelry Industry Task Force in a response to the particular challenges faced by black jewelers. "Our skill set and contribution remain valid and equitable to our peers and contemporaries," reads the Force's manifesto "For too long, you have been missing our voices, nor have we had equal opportunities." The statement was signed by black jewelers from around the world.

Amplitude’s Virtual Digital Disruptors Summit — Amplitude, the Digital Optimization System, today introduced Amplitude Experiment, the industry’s first experimentation solution powered by customer behavior and product analytics. Amplitude Experiment provides organizations an end-to-end experimentation and delivery workflow that integrates customer data into every step from generating a hypothesis to targeting users to measuring results. Organizations are empowered to run higher impact A/B tests and remotely configure experiences for key segments without incremental engineering work.To get more news about Google Play App Keyword Ranking Service, you can visit official website.
New Amplitude Experiment product leverages customer behavior and product analytics to eliminate the barriers to scaling A/B testing programs (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Every company needs to be digital first, but too many are guessing what they should build next and wasting time on experiments that are doomed to fail,” said Justin Bauer, SVP Product, Amplitude. “Since Experiment is powered by customer behavior, businesses can free themselves from low-impact activities and get the invaluable insight that can accelerate and truly scale how they design and deliver digital products and experiences. This is an entirely new chapter for A/B testing that enables any company - whether they’re digital native or embarking on their digital transformation journey - to make bigger and smarter bets that drive stronger business results.”

Digital growth and customer loyalty are driven by how quickly organizations can determine and deliver the best experience for customers. However, existing solutions for A/B testing and feature flagging make it difficult to scale experimentation and rapid learning because they are disconnected from customer behavior. This gap means they lack both the analytics to design effective experiments and surface clear next steps and the behavioral data to target segments and manage user identity. The result is organizations get stuck in low-value activities that don’t drive growth - like testing small tweaks to copy and color changes or using basic on/off toggling to manage new feature release risk - or they waste resources and time on experiments that are doomed to fail - like starting from a weak hypothesis or not being able to reach the right segments.
Through the Behavioral Graph and Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System, Amplitude Experiment eliminates these challenges by resolving the underlying issues of experiment design, targeting, identity resolution and analysis. Now with the addition of the Amplitude Experiment solution, organizations have a complete learning and growth loop from insight to action to testing and delivery all within a single system.

“Our digital experience is core to the success of our business - the speed at which we experiment and test new features is critical. Amplitude Experiment is a game changer for Shift. Since it’s powered by customer behavior insights and analytics, we’re able to design better tests, learn from them faster and change the way we build and deliver experiences to our customers”, said Adam Johnston, Director of Product at Shift. “Amplitude has been a great partner to Shift on product analytics, and we are excited to have been able to deepen that relationship through the new Experiment product.”

That’s where the importance of app store optimization comes in. This technique improves your app’s rank in the app store, which leads to an increase in user acquisition.But couldn’t you just direct users to your app through other marketing strategies, like social media or a website? Sure you could, and you probably should use more than one marketing tactic.To get more news about Android Keyword Ranking Optimization Platform, you can visit official website.

But many, if not most, apps are found by users searching the app stores. So if you want to acquire as many users as possible, you need to work on ASO.
You must find the best keywords. Figure out what your targeted users search most frequently, as these will likely be good keywords to use.The keywords you choose must be relevant to your app. You can use an app keyword optimization tool to help you put them to the best use.

Create a Title
Make sure the title clearly describes what your app is all about and include the most important keyword in it. The Google Play Store allows up to 50 characters. The Apple App Store allows up to 30 characters.

Write a Description
Your app’s description should provide users with a clear understanding of its features and benefits. Include keywords throughout the entire description, but put most of your focus on using them in the first paragraph.
Once your app attains a top rank you must get users to download it. Optimizing the visual elements of your app’s product page will help to increase user acquisition.

Your app’s icon needs to stand out from the crowd and represent your brand. If possible, use an image rather than text.

Screenshots and Videos
Most users won’t read the entire app description. They are more likely to look at its screenshots and video to decide if it’s worth downloading.

With that in mind, make sure these visual elements show off how great your app is. The screenshots should give users an inside look at your app’s appearance and features.The video should exhibit your app’s high-quality performance, getting users excited about your app and making them eager to download it.

Reviews and Ratings
Potential users often refer to your app’s reviews and ratings before installing it. Keep your app up to date and working well so that users will leave positive reviews that will convince other users to download your app.When you do get bad reviews, make sure to respond to every single one of them. This will show potential users that you care about providing a great user experience and that you work hard to resolve issues.

When you respond to negative feedback and address the issues those reviews brought up, it might cause the users who initially complained to give your app a better rating, which will help improve your app’s rank.

Perhaps the term makes you think of search engine optimization (SEO) and rigid, restrictive keyword requirements.Or maybe you associate optimization with stripping any sense of creativity from your marketing.The reality, though? Social media optimization (SMO) is an entirely different ballgame.To get more news about App Promotion, you can visit official website.

Because while businesses at large are on board with social media, many fail to make simple changes that could significantly boost their performance.

The good news is that optimizing your social presence doesn’t mean sacrificing your brand’s voice and creativity. In this guide, we’ll break down some easy social optimization techniques for brands big and small.In short, social media optimization (SMO) encourages businesses to analyze, audit and make adjustments to both their content and accounts to stay in line with the best practices of social media.

The concept of SMO is pretty straightforward. Much like SEO or CRO (conversion rate optimization) requires tweaking and testing, so does SMO.

So, why bother? Although many brands make their social efforts seem effortless, the reality is that top-performing accounts don’t ignore the fine details of optimization. The benefits of social media optimization are three-fold:We’ve seen firsthand how more and more marketers are being held accountable when it comes to social media performance. Through optimization, you increase the likelihood of hitting your KPIs and make your own job easier by establishing a process for fine-tuning your content.

  1. Account optimization
    First thing’s first: you need to ensure that your brand accounts align with your business and its goals. This requires a general audit of your social profiles with an emphasis on branding and marketing messaging.

For example, some details to consider when it comes to account optimization include:Think of your social presence as a sort of gateway to your products and brand. Assuming that this is someones’ first encounter with your business, consistency counts for the sake of keeping customers engaged and not potentially confusing them.

  1. Social searchability optimization
    Figuring out how to optimize social media for search should be a top priority for brands today.

We’re seeing a growing trend of more social profiles popping up in Google searches. Recent rollouts such as Instagram’s updated search features also highlight how brands should mind how they use keywords across their posts and accounts.
3. Content strategy optimization
Businesses are spoiled for choice in terms of what they can post to social media.
4. Individual post optimization
After establishing a big-picture content strategy, consider how you can optimize social media posts on an individual level.Some posts require more optimization than others. For example, posts that are part of an influencer campaign are going to require more refining than a meme or a morning greeting to your followers.

The database, like any other complex application component, has many practices and recommendations to speed it up. Let’s take a look at a few practices that can be most useful for improving the performance.
You can significantly save the memory used by SQL Server by choosing the smallest possible data types for columns when designing tables.To get more news about Ios App Store Optimization, you can visit official website.
Before choosing a data type for any column, it is not enough to simply understand whether it will store a string, number, or something else. You should better understand your domain and think about the range of values that will be stored in the column.
For example, it makes no sense to use int type to store a person’s age, because this type ranges from -231 to 231. A person’s age cannot be negative, and also the maximum possible age of a person varies from 2? to 2? years. This knowledge allows us to use the tinyint type (from 0 to 255) to save memory and improve the performance of queries that will process less data.Clustered and non-clustered indexes can significantly speed up SELECT queries to tables, because indexes help to avoid linear scans of the entire table.
When a table has a clustered index, the rows in the table are sorted by key (usually the primary key). A table can have a single clustered index because the data cannot be physically sorted by different keys at the same time.
A non-clustered index is a separate B-Tree data structure that contains the data included in the index and pointers to the actual rows of the table. There can be many non-clustered indexes on a table because actual data in the table remains untouched, unlike clustered indexes.
Indexes have a downside — they reduce the time it takes to execute INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements on a table because it takes some time to rebuild the index when the data in the table has changed. The more indexes a table has, the more indexes need to be rebuilt. Thus, indexing many columns can dramatically decrease the speed of write operations.
In addition, because non-clustered indexes are implemented as separate data structures, they require additional memory. This is the second reason to limit the number of indexes to a reasonable number — to optimize memory consumption.Data normalization means that the data is structured according to Normal Forms.
Normalization improves the performance of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations and makes them more simple, because the normalized data is not duplicated and therefore needs to be accessed just in single place.Database denormalization aims to improve the performance of SELECT statements because data is stored in fewer tables, so fewer JOIN statements are required to execute. Also, execution of SELECT statements can be much faster when it just retrieves the pre-calculated value from the table instead of calculating the value on each execution.
The downside to denormalization is that it can greatly complicate and slow write statements because the same duplicated piece of data must be updated in multiple columns / tables.Instead of regular running queries such as SELECT SUM(Price) FROM Orders which can take long due to the big number of records, it can be enough to run that query once and store the value into PrecalculatedOrderInfo table. The total price can then be obtained by running a simple query that does no calculation.
Every time a new order is added or removed, data in PrecalculatedOrderInfo must also be updated, making it difficult to maintain denormalized data.Finding a balance between normalization and denormalization is about finding a balance between data consistency, optimized memory consumption on the one hand, and good SELECT queries performance on the other.
However, it is possible for the application to get the benefits of both normalization and denormalization by creating two separate databases with normalized data for writes and denormalized data for reads, and implementing the mechanism to synchronize the data between two databases.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt has a new favorite piece of jewelry made in honor of her newborn daughter, Layla Maria.To get more news about name bracelet, you can visit official website.

On her Instagram Story Friday, the author showed off a necklace bearing the name of her baby girl, whom she welcomed last month with husband Chris Pratt.“It’s here!!!” the mom of one wrote atop the photo of the gold necklace from jewelry brand Smith + Mara. “My new favorite necklace with my baby girl’s name.”Chris and Katherine confirmed the arrival of their baby girl on Aug. 10, sharing a photo of them holding hands with their child on Instagram.

The couple honored her mother Maria Shriver by naming their first child after the journalist.We are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt," the father of two wrote in his announcement. "Both mom and baby are doing great. We feel extremely blessed! Love, Katherine and Chris."

Just after the announcement, a source told PEOPLE that the parents were “doing well” with their new baby, adding that the new mom is “comforted” by the fact that her husband is already dad to son Jack, 8, with ex-wife Anna Faris.

“They haven't left their house since they returned home from the hospital,” the source said. “They just want to bond with the baby and get to know her. They have some help and Maria also makes sure they have everything they need. Lyla is adorable.”In addition to her husband — whom she wed in June 2019 after nearly a year of dating — Katherine was celebrating their new addition with her family, including mom Maria and dad Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“And Kat has the best attitude,” the source said. “She is obviously still tired, but she loves being a mom. She is so positive and excited about the whole experience. She loves seeing Chris with their girl. He is such a good dad. This was one of the things that Kat was attracted to from the beginning: Chris loves being a dad. Kat feels very lucky that Lyla gets to grow up with Chris as a dad.”

"It's comforting for Kat that he is already a dad and understands how it is to have a newborn," the source said of the actor.

For fashion-minded folk, jewellery is an integral part of self-expression. Whether you like the fanciness of baroque pearls or prefer to keep things playful with resin rings, how you incorporate jewellery into an outfit says a lot about your personal style. It's one of the main reasons that people shy away from gifting jewellery, with many afraid that it's just too personal to pick for someone else. There is one type of jewellery that everyone enjoys, though: the kind that has your name on it.To get more news about Personalized Name Necklace, you can visit official website.
Personalised jewellery has enjoyed its fair share of iconic fashion moments over the years, from Princess Diana wearing a yellow gold 'D' pendant at the polo to Carrie Bradshaw’s beloved nameplate necklace on Sex and The City. But it was a recent Instagram post from Queen B herself that proved the style was back with a vengeance, with the star donning a white suit covered in oversized monogrammed necklaces in Las Vegas.
Elsewhere on the internet, small designers and indie sellers are taking a more childlike approach to the trend, with alphabet-adorned beaded necklaces and charm bracelets. The Y2K-inspired jewellery has proved popular with Insta It Girls like Kaia Gerber and Sofia Richie, both of whom have been seen sporting brightly coloured plastic pieces. If you're someone who likes to keep things simple, there are plenty of classic designs on the market, too: initial signet rings and delicate chains are both super chic options.
To take a peek at the best personalised jewellery that the fashion space has to offer, click through the slideshow ahead...
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