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Many Indian homes are choosing hardwood flooring, as they have moved beyond marble and vitrified tiles. It is beautiful and has a great aesthetic appeal interior designer in delhi. However, this flooring option is not for everyone. In addition, it requires special cleaning to be durable. Hardwood flooring maintenance is similar to that of laminate floors, with some key differences. These are some tips to help you get started:


Protection from dust and grit

Dust acts as sandpaper on hardwood flooring. Dust gradually wears away the floor's finish and must be removed every day. To reduce dust tracking, place extra-long doormats in your home. Rugs can be used for high-traffic areas.


Protection from the sun

Direct sunlight can cause discoloration in hardwood flooring and accelerate the wood's aging process. Blinds and sheers can be used to protect your flooring from the harsh sun.


Protection from moisture

Moisture can be a problem in tropical countries like India when maintaining hardwood flooring. This is especially true during monsoons. To keep humidity levels under control, use dehumidifiers and ensure that water doesn't get on the floor. Also, ensure to clean up any spillages immediately from the base, so it doesn't get on the floor and cause damage or stains.

Protection against scratches

Moving heavy furniture or sharp objects can cause scratches and cuts to hardwood flooring. Protect the flooring by using furniture pads, rubber mats, or rugs. For cleaning, avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.


Tips for removing stain from hardwood flooring


  • Water stain- Hardwood flooring can become white if it is covered with water. This can be easily removed by covering the floor with a cotton cloth and ironing it (no steam) for two to three seconds. You can clean the wood if the water has penetrated deeply and left a dark stain.
  • Oil Stains Place the stain on a cotton cloth that has been soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Add another fabric, soaked in ammonia, to cover it. The ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will bleach the colour. Use a towel to remove any excess solution. Dry it.
  • Wine stains undiluted bleach should be used to cover the colour. Let it sit on the floor for at most 45 minutes. Use a cloth to remove the bleach. You can also clean wine stains with a paste of baking soda and lemon.

Although hardwood flooring may seem harder to maintain than marble and vitrified tiles, with some extra care, you can make them last years.


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