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LAM Feb 11
NEW YORK -- The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks will bring their thunder Down Under. Wholesale Air Jordan 5 Retro . Major League Baseball will open the 2014 regular season in Australia, with the Dodgers and Diamondbacks playing a two-game series at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The matchups March 22-23 mark baseballs first games in Australia that count. "Its going to be fantastic," Aussie-born Dodgers reliever Peter Moylan said Wednesday. "Ive been trying to preach the game back in Australia for years." MLB and the players union announced the international opening day just one day after Los Angeles and Arizona mixed it up in a big brawl at Dodger Stadium. The Diamondbacks and Dodgers already had a testy relationship before this scrape that resulted in six ejections. "I always wanted to go to Australia," Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp said. "Now I got a real reason to go and I get to play baseball." Baseball opened its season at Tokyo in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. The 1999 opener was held at Monterrey, Mexico, and the 2001 season began in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The rest of the big league season next year is slated to resume on March 30. The Dodgers-Diamondbacks opener will come 100 years after the Chicago White Sox and New York Giants played exhibition games at the same cricket venue. On Jan. 2, 1914, the White Sox beat the Giants 5-4 before an estimated 10,000 fans. There also was an exhibition baseball game at the same site in December 1888 featuring Spaldings World Tourists. "Its cool. Its great the sport is going to get a big game like that down there," said Oakland Athletics closer Grant Balfour, who is from Australia. "We had the Sydney Olympics there and Intercontinental Cup games, but we havent had that kind of level of baseball there in a long, long time. Itll be fun to see." The Sydney Cricket Ground will be configured to MLB standards for the opening series. "Im sure people are going to fly from all over the country to see the game," Moylan said. "The presentation of the grounds is going to be fantastic." Moylan makes the grueling trip home to Melbourne in the off-season, and he expects the travel will take a toll on the players. "Coming back is going to be the worst," he said. Union head Michael Weiner said "the players are excited about opening the 2014 season in Sydney, and they view this series as an important step in furthering their commitment to help increase the global popularity of baseball." Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement, "The globalization of our game continues to be paramount to Major League Baseball, and Australia is an essential part of our long-term efforts to grow the sport. We look forward to writing an exciting new chapter in international baseball history at the historic Sydney Cricket Ground next March." Dodgers President Stan Kasten said the team was eager to begin the season "in one of the most exciting and rapidly developing baseball markets on earth." Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall said "being at the forefront of spreading international goodwill on this prominent stage is a feat that we enthusiastically embrace and accept." The Dodgers and Diamondbacks will play spring training games in Arizona on March 16, then leave for Australia and arrive on March 18. The teams will open the regular season on Saturday night, the 22nd, and meet again the next afternoon. Arizona will be the home team for both games. "It should be a little tiring, but a lot of fun, too," Kemp said. There have been 28 major leaguers born in Australia. The Dodgers have had five natives on their roster. Black Air Jordan 5 Retro . Gather a group of friends, or find a league to join online, draft your team, set your lineup and compete in a number of different formats. Blue Air Jordan 5 Retro . While hell be dialed in to that tournament on a course he loves, you can forgive him if his eyes glance down the calendar just a bit, towards April. http://www.cheapairjordan5retro.com/ . -- The plastic that was taped across the lockers in Oaklands clubhouse came down and the champagne that was on ice went back into the cooler. As the Rams adjust to their new digs in Los Angeles, the city they last called home in 1994, second-year tailback Todd Gurley is making a transition of a different sort: from River City stud to Hollywood leading man.Fresh off a rookie campaign in St. Louis that saw him rush for 1,106 yards, good for third in the league and a Pro Bowl nod, Gurley is now a marquee name in L.A., where stars are made if not born. Hes already a rising pitchman with an endorsement portfolio that includes Gatorade, Nike and Carls Jr.Still, Gurley says hes more likely to be recognized in SoCals streets for pitching burgers than shedding tacklers. How well do you really know the man who may become the face of L.A. sports? Take our quiz -- watch out for the play fakes! -- and then read the real answers from Gurley himself.1. When Todd Gurley found out the Rams were moving to L.A., he initially felt ___. A.) Sadness. He loved St. Louis.B.) Surprise. He got the news on TV.C.) Stressed. He hates moving.D.) Like puking. L.A. is the worst.ANSWER: A. It was kind of weird because I found out on TV -- it was like, damn, were moving to LA? But it was exciting. To go to a whole new city, just knowing the opportunities and the fan base, and the history of the Rams in L.A., this is pretty cool.2. When you ask Gurley what he wants L.A. Rams fans to know about him, the first thing he says is ____. A.) I dont like dogs. Theyre annoying.B.) I dont like people. Give me space.C.) Mermaids creep me out. They dont even have legs.D.) I like ice cream, especially when it melts and you have to lick it up.ANSWER: A. I dont like dogs. Theyre annoying. You got to take care of them and all that. If I see somebody with a puppy, I might pet it, but thats about it.3. On his off days in L.A., Gurley prefers to pass the time by ___. A.) Sightseeing.B.) Taking acting classes.C.) Sleeping.D.) Swiping right on the secret celebrity Tinder.ANSWER: C. Im a boring person, man. I dont do too much. I like to be by the beach, but Im not going to go in the sand or in the water or anything. But theres a lot of stuff I want to do -- Universal Studios, Disneyland, Six Flags. I was supposed to go to Six Flags a few weeks ago, but then I got lazy and just sat around in the house.4. Gurley says he loves the following about his new city.A.) Weather, food and creative vibe.B.) Scenery, weather and fans.C.) Weather, food and fans.D.) Its far away from St. Louis.ANSWER: B. I love the scenery, the great weather, the fact that it doesnt rain here. And its looking like were going to be playing in front of sold-out crowds. We havent had that happen in years, so were excited.5. The one thing Gurley dislikes about L.A. is ___. A.) Traffic. Its very annoying.B.) The Dodgers. What can I say, I adopted the Cardinals.C.) Their movies. Im into independent films, not sequels and remakes.D.) The Kardashians. Theyre rough on ballplayers.ANSWER: A. Everything is cool besides the traffic. Traffic here is very annoying. But itll keep me inside the house and let me sleep more. I cant complain about that.6. Gurleys favorite celebrity encounter since moving to L.A. was ____? A.) Seeing all the Rams greats at training camp.B.) Watching the cast of Stranger Things perform karaoke.C.) Meeting NBA stars at Staples Center.D.) Rear-ending Justin Bieber on the 405.ANSWER: C. Im not really into star-seeking, but I went to a Lakers-Cavs game, where I got to meet Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving. That was pretty cool.7. On a recent visit to famed Hollywood Boulevard, home to the Walk of Stars and Chinese Theater, Gurley was repulsed by ___.?A.) Snakes. I hatee them. Red Air Jordan 5 Retro. .) Tourists. I hate them.C.) Kevin Bacons star on the Walk of Fame. I hate that dude.D.) Tom Cruises hands imprinted in cement. Theyre so tiny.ANSWER: A. There was these street performers with snakes around their necks, and people were touching the snakes! I couldnt believe it.8. As seen on his Instagram, Gurley recently donned workout gear and journeyed into the Hollywood hills, eventually posing for a photo in front of the Hollywood sign. Why?A.) Its a great workout.B.) He was playing Pokémon Go.C.) He was filming for HBOs Hard Knocks.D.) He got separated from a celebrity tour.ANSWER: C. I cant lie: I didnt run it; I drove up to it. But I was like, Im gonna take a picture while Im up here, and let everybody think I ran it.9. As the star of the L.A. Rams, Gurley is primed to become the face of L.A. sports. How does he feel about that? A.) Too much pressure. Ill just do me.B.) Its cool. I want to be the next Kobe.C.) Its cool. But therell never be another Kobe.D.) Its time. Im too gorgeous not to shine.ANSWER: C. Im embracing it.?Hopefully, I can make it to the Clayton Kershaw, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul level. But therell never be another Kobe. Its just not realistic.10. When Gurley met Jared Goff for the first time, his first thought was ___.A.) Hes rich.B.) He smells nice.C.) Hes tall.D.) We took this dude over Carson Wentz?ANSWER: A. Hes got a lot of money. [Laughs] But our No. 1 pick, hes a good kid -- wait, I was about to call him a kid, but hes the same age as me.11. Gurley believes he shouldve been selected ___ in your fantasy draft. A.) First, overall. But if you took Cam Newton or Antonio Brown, I wont be mad.B.) Anywhere in the first round. There are a lot of elite players available.C.) In the second round. Touchdowns will be hard to come by.D.) Top of the third round. Im appealing a four-game suspension.ANSWER: A. But Im not going to tell you why. If I tell you Im going to do something this season, and I dont, Ill be hearing from you, like, Damn, Todd, I drafted you No. 1 and you didnt live up to the hype.12. Gurleys personal goal for the season is ___. A.) 2,000 rushing yards.B.) Being a more vocal leader.C.) Improving without the ball in his hands.D.) Overcoming his fear of blocking.ANSWER: C. My teammates are always like, Get that 2K! But I dont have a number in my head. I want to improve my receiving, my route-running ability, and being better without the ball. Last year, Id give myself a grade of B+/A on receiving. Having the ball in my hands, that comes natural, but play-faking, all that stuff without the ball in my hands, I can do better.13. Gurley feels the biggest obstacle in snapping the Rams 11-year playoff drought is ___. A.) Inexperience at key positions.B.) Offense. We have a great defense that holds its own.C.) Defense. Well have to carry them.D.) Traffic. Seriously, its just that bad.ANSWER: B. We have a great defense that holds its own, but when youre always on the field, theres not too much you can do. The offense has to stop the three-and-outs and put some points on the board.14. Gurley feels the Rams will ___ this season. A.) Have a lot of fun. The rest will fall into place.B.) Play well. But we cant expect a championship overnight.C.) Compete for a championship.D.) Break some records and break some rules.ANSWER: C I think we can compete for a championship this year. Everybody has to have that mindset. If you bring a couple of championships to this city, they treat you like a god. 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