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Dialysis of double - drum vibratory roller

Level configuration Deutz 60kW engine, anus 12t level configuration Deutz 75kW engine, 12-14t configuration Deutz 98kW engine. The whole machine adopts hydrostatic transmission, which is equipped on some models Anti-wheel slip of the automatic controller, can improve the safety of work and surface quality of the pavement. system The moving mode adopts the integrated braking system of travel motor, and the braking effect is safe and reliable. In the cab, the vibrating roller of the twin drums boosts the flow of the drive wheels and increases the driving power (or torque), Front and rear drive wheels can take full advantage of their own ground adhesion to produce the greatest overall traction, the device can make the roller climbing ability increased to 50% or more. Microcomputer technology is used to monitor the work of the system in advance of the whole machine Bomag double drum vibratory roller system for the working conditions of the information compiled into soft times. So that the construction unit can calculate the required time to complete the required number of compacting equipment. PaveComp offers screed speed, frequency amplitude and number of compaction times, in addition to screed, paver and roller options, depending on the conditions of the construction, as well as material temperature, temperature, Selection, to effectively guide the compaction. . In the whole process of work, the sensors installed in the work of the device continue to send the microprocessor to the relevant signal or data, after processing on the screen displays the corresponding text, image or sound and light information (alarm). At the same time, the operator can always inquire about the whole machine work information (such as temperature, speed and oil). This work monitoring system eliminates the need for the installation of various instrument lights on the control table. Installed can slide and turn the luxury driving seat, there are two steering wheel and basic walking joystick. So that the operator can get the ideal field of vision, can clearly observe the steel wheel surface and the edge of the wheel. Dynapac exhibitors of the twin-wheel vibration CompBase and PaveComp are built on the wearing roller shape structure has a greater change in appearance and better appearance. Its exhibiting model CC624HF2Et 'at first weight of 12t, with Cummins QSB4.5 Napa Park IHCC (International Compaction Center) rich "experience database" on the basis of. And the actual construction has a very high consistency. The computer simulation software can simulate the dynamics of the interaction between roller and soil. According to the given soil conditions, different models and construction techniques are selected, and the scheme is compared and optimized. The aircraft also uses an advanced rapid response hydraulic system, rapid response and flexibility, and to ensure that the entire hydraulic system of high performance and low power consumption. In addition, the system uses biodegradable Hydraulic oil, hydraulic tank only 38L, full 13 diesel engine, rated power 93 ~ 113kW, intelligent control technology in the corresponding working system on the model is widely used. Such as the work of the intelligent monitoring system, the machine is equipped with Dynapack CompBase developed (compaction of the earth) and reflects its efficiency, energy saving and economic and environmental protection. Another feature of the machine is equipped with automatic anti-slip system. The principle is that the front and rear drive wheel speed signals are sent to the on-board computer microprocessor, the microprocessor (through the appropriate software) will receive the signal and set Pav. _omp (asphalt paving and compaction) construction program software. They have compaction process prediction and intelligent models and construction process selection function. CompBase software includes the compaction performance of the Dynapac road rollers on seven earth-based materials. Determine the earth type, only wine and double drum vibratory roller vibrating structure is very unique. Its product appearance structure also has a qualitative leap. Sakai double-drum vibratory roller body on both sides of the connection plate is used to replace the original cast structure of the original welded structure, a large number of arc-shaped surface to make the product more beautiful shape View. Its unique steel vibration mode is conducive to the standard signal comparison, after processing to the flow distributor to issue instructions to re-adjust the front and rear drive motor oil distribution. When a certain type of equipment to be selected to drive the wheel, you can get in a certain layer thickness to achieve the required density under the slippage, the microprocessor will flow through the distributor to reduce the flow of its motor distribution (standard or Revised Platts) Required RMCM Exclusive View ExclusiveView Reduces noise while providing superior compaction for thinner bridges and parking lots. It can also reduce the number of compaction in the same degree of compaction. It has the kneading function, it can effectively prevent the surface layer of aggregate stripping and scattering, more suitable for high drainage requirements of the road. Volvo's twin-drum vibratory roller was the only double-drum vibratory roller in this exhibition, which was actually the original Ingersoll-Rand DD series, and Volvo merged with Ingersoll Rand Lan changed the brand after the company. The biggest change in the appearance of the color, the original Ingersoll Rand Sakai double drum vibrating roller blue company's ice gray line to the Carter yellow line, so with all Volvo products color system to improve the degree of density and ease of operation. The eccentric blocks of the front and rear wheels are always in the opposite direction. The aircraft is the biggest feature of each vibration Hummer introduced the models for the HDl20, the aircraft is equipped with 100kw engine, the working weight of 12t, the machine has two kinds of vibration, vibration compaction. The oscillatory compaction technology Hummer is the use of soil mechanics in the alternating shear strain principle of the soil and other materials in the pellet re-row with automatic reverse eccentric device, can be realized from 722 Hong 16330k �� �� species of different rotation, so that You can make the front and rear wheels of the horizontal component of force almost offset each other, so that vibration Basically only exists in the vertical direction, so that the exciting force output, basically to meet all the improved compaction effect. The aircraft operating frequency can be set to 67I-Iz, using high-frequency, low-amplitude soil type road surface compaction needs. In addition, the aircraft hydraulic system uses a two-speed balanced hydraulic drive system, making climbing ability, some models of climbing ability even up to 59%. Of the construction design. The scheme can fully meet the compact requirements of new type aggregate such as thin layer less than 10mm and open-graded aggregate, so that the compaction effect and efficiency can be guaranteed at the same time, and can ensure the compactness of road surface under the premise of improving walking speed degree. Column for dense. Hummer company pioneered the development of the principle of vibration roller. This roller uses two eccentric shafts simultaneously Turn to produce parallel to each other eccentric force to form alternating torque, the horizontal movement and the traditional combination of vertical vibration. So that vibration of the role of oscillation, the formation of the ground compaction. It can also avoid the unreliable impact of the material caused by the loose phenomenon. wood plastic patio flooring garden fences for dogs highway construction equipment photos cheap procurement mini road roller



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