Tatem Web Design offers website security for Hacked Websites, Website Malware, email spamming, DDos attacks, phishing. There are surely some nasty people out there on the internet coming from all over the world. And no, they don’t always go for hacking government websites (no matter how much they want to hack ‘The Man’), they go for small businesses. Why? Because government sites have powerful firewalls and protection that stops all but the most dedicated evil masterminds intent on world domination. But most small business websites have a wide open door that invites in any old ‘basement’ hacker with an ISP and too much time on their hands. Not having the right defensive website software is the online equivalent of leaving the key to the front door under a plant pot! Your website may be many things, but it isn’t 100% hacker proof – no software or website is, no matter what they may claim. If there were any such thing as an ‘un-hackable’ website, we would all be using it! So occasionally, a determined, high-end hacker will get through your small business websites defences and into your website system. When that happens, you want to unleash the digital guard dogs, chase the hacker out, and then shut and lock that door quickly so that they can’t get back in.
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